February 4, 2021

Top Cam’Ron Outfits Throughout His Career

Top Cam’Ron Outfits Throughout His Career

When it comes to fashion in the music industry, there are some who play it safe, some who set trends, and then there are some who create their own lane. When it comes to creating their own lane in fashion one rapper stands out the most and his name is Cam’Ron. 

The Dipset member has never been afraid to make bold statements, whether he wore capes on the runway, all pink everything, or oversized jerseys it’s clear to say that Killa Cam is not the one to follow trends. 

In honor of the rapper’s 45th birthday, let’s take a look back at some of his top outfits throughout his career.

Hey Ma: 


Oh Boy:


I Really Mean It:


Dipset Anthem:

What are some of your favorite looks from the rapper?