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November 15, 2023

Travis Scott Says He "Always Thinks About" Astroworld Tragedy

HOT News
Travis Scott Says He "Always Thinks About" Astroworld Tragedy
Travis Scott has been the topic of many conversations when it comes to crowd safety at music performances. His 2021 Astroworld Festival tragedy that killed ten people and left countless people injured was a catalyst for festival organizers to take extra measures. Now, he's opening up about the tragedy two years after its unfolding.  
In an interview with GQ, Scott was asked about creating music after the incident.
“That moment for families, for the city, you know, it was devastating," he explained. "And when it came to making, like even finishing the album…I got back into it probably like, I don’t know, months and months and months after. And the idea of just even getting back into music, working on music and just even getting into that, was therapeutic of being able to channel some of the energy into production and sounds and finishing it.”
He also mentioned that the events that happened that night continue to haunt him still.
“I always think about it. Those fans were like my family. You know, I love my fans to the utmost... You just feel for those people. And their families," Scott said. “It has its moments where it gets rough and…yeah. You just feel for those people. And their families.”
Elsewhere in the interview, he opened up about how the song, My Eyes on his latest Utopia album. He shared that it was about his feelings from what happened; to assure everyone that he was affected by the tragedy.
“[I want them] to know I have pain too," Travis Scott said. "I have concerns, things that I think about, and the things I see on a day-to-day basis I think about them. And every day I want to find change in the things, to make things better, make myself better. It’s just like: I go through things like everyone else. And even recently through something like I never could imagine."
Scott was hit with several lawsuits after the tragedy and was criminally investigated. He is currently waiting for a civil court to begin the lawsuits.