December 22, 2021

Trey Songz Accused Of Sexual Assault, Diddy & Nightclub Also Named In $20 Million Lawsuit

Trey Songz Accused Of Sexual Assault, Diddy & Nightclub Also Named In $20 Million Lawsuit

Trey Songz and Diddy have a legal situation on their hands.

As reported on The Jasmine Brand, a woman accused Trey Songz of sexual assault from a 2018 incident. A woman named Jahuara Jeffries claims Trey sexually assaulted her inside E11EVEN nightclub after they partied together at Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami.

According to the report, Trey invited her and her friends to spend the night with him in a private area at the club. The woman accepted the offer and went. Jeffries claims Trey was already intoxicated but continued to drink more. She claims at some point Trey began to penetrate her. The alleged suit claims,

“While Plaintiff was dancing on the couch, she noticed Defendant Songz standing on the floor next to her. She then felt fingers being inserted into her vagina, turned around, and saw Defendant Songz pulling his hand away from her bottom.”

Jeffries claims she was shocked, but her and her friends went back to Trey’s car. She claims Trey took his shirt off, she began recording him and then he grew upset over it. Things allegedly escalated, Trey got violent, then his driver got involved (the driver is also allegedly named in the suit). It ended with Trey and the driver throwing Jeffries out the car, berating her and throwing water in her face.

Jeffries claims she suffered scrapes and bruises. Diddy is named in the lawsuit for allegedly giving Trey the alcohol.

Last month, Trey was investigated for sexually assaulting a woman in Las Vegas. Trey nor Diddy publicly spoke on the lawsuit.