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February 8, 2023 - Oumou Fofana

Twitter Defends Kayla Nicole After Someone Body Shames Her

Kayla Nicole
Twitter Defends Kayla Nicole After Someone Body Shames Her
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Kayla Nicole attended the 65th annual Grammy Awards last weekend at the Arena in Los Angeles. Photos of her look have gone viral after a commenter on Twitter body shamed her by saying she needed a “boob job.”

Fans on Twitter have come together to defend the comedian. “Let’s keep in mind that you tweeted this from your couch while she was living her life at the GRAMMYS. Send her 12K for a boob job since you are so concerned about her titties. Out of the two of y’all, someone is very ugly and insecure and it ain’t Kayla Nicole,” Fairlyseasoned_ said in response to someone who tweeted, “Need a boob job QUICK.”

“That girl that had something to say about Kayla Nicole’s breast is a prime example of miserable a** hoes. That girl doesn’t bother NOBODY,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user said, “Why Kayla Nicole need a boob job to please you b**ches? Social media [has] turned b**ches into openly prideful haters.”

“Kayla Nicole got rich literally by not giving [a f**k] what anyone thought of her. She looks stunning and I hope she gets richer,” Niarosay wrote.

“So many comments saying she needs to look her best at the Grammys and should have used tape. But why? Why does she have to have ‘perky’ breasts? WHYYYY?” Venturaa_xo asked.

“Damn they eating that girl [the f**k] up, who just went viral for talking about Kayla Nicole. Love to see it,” tweeted Laytranece.

Bratacular wrote, “Not y’all clowning Kayla Nicole about her boobs when your broke a** is sitting at home while she was at the Grammys… Lol bye.”

“Y’all hard down worrying about Kayla Nicole titties, when she’s a SELF made millionaire that’s happily married with two kids… All at the age of 21. Y’all morals [and] priorities [are] f**ked up,” another Twitter user wrote.