December 13, 2018

Two Artists Signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville That You Should Know About [PHOTOS + AUDIO]

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Two Artists Signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville That You Should Know About [PHOTOS + AUDIO]

Photo credit –  Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

After J. Cole got signed to Roc Nation, he created his own record label known as, Dreamville. He started it back in 2007 with his manager Ibrahim Hamid.

This platform is special to J. Cole because he wanted to create something for artists that serves as a foundation so that they’ll have longevity in the game, versus being an overnight success. Reported online J. Cole said, “it ain’t no overnight sensations, that s*** don’t exist. That thing that you’re looking at that looks like an overnight success, it’s not real. It’s going to go away real f****** fast because it ain’t got no foundation to stand on.”

J. Cole’s artists have a firm ground to stand on since they’re working with the GOAT! Two people signed to Dreamville that you should know about are Ari Lennox and JID.

Ari Lennox…

Ari Lennox is rising on the scene and she’s letting her presence be known! Earlier this month, she announced that she’ll be going on tour with 6lack. She was featured on the Creed II soundtrack alongside J. Cole on the song “Shea Butter Baby.” She’s also gearing up to drop an album, but for now, check out some of her music.

“Shea Butter Baby” ft. J. Cole

“Whipped Cream”

Ari Lennox performing with Stevie Wonder:…

Tour dates with 6lack:…


J.I.D is also on the music scene, making his mark! He landed a meeting with J. Cole after the goat himself approached him and said that he likes his music. Once they connected more, that’s when J. Cole offered him a deal. Now that’s a pretty dope come up story! 

J.I.D also stopped by our Hot 97 station today to chop it up with Megan Ryte. Don’t mind the oxtails by the way! While in the studio he and Megan talked about his career and new music!