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October 17, 2023

Tyga Request Sole Custody Of Son Amid Legal Battle W/ Blac Chyna

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Tyga Request Sole Custody Of Son Amid Legal Battle W/ Blac Chyna
Tyga is requesting sole custody of he and Blac Chyna's son, King Cairo.
We previously reported that the pair is going through a legal battle. Reports claim that Tyga has King most of the time, as Chyna only sees her son up to 24 hours a week. Chyna claims that Tyga "refuses to directly communicate with her, share his contact information, or give her an address for where King lives." 
In response to Chyna's claims, Tyga requested full physical and legal custody of King, and that Chyna be granted ‘reasonable visitation,’ on weekends. According to reports, he is also asking that she provide written permission if wanting to take their son outside of the state, and that they maintain the holiday schedule they've already set in place. 
We previously reported that Chyna revealed that she has been selling numerous personal items throughout 2023 and those sales have led to $178K of income. Her businesses are not bringing him as much money as they used to, which as a result, she's seeking money from Tyga as the custody battle is expensive.
She explained, "I feel like a lot of things hold energy, right? And we had discussed this before, I just kind of wanted a fresh start," Chyna said. "And I don't think nothing's wrong with selling your old stuff. Like, people have eBay, people sell their old cars... But, for me, I feel like now [at] this point in my life I don't really value materialistic things."
She continued, "you might leave it somewhere, somebody could rob you, steal from you, and all of that. That's why I kind of like also stepped away from wearing a lot of flashy jewelry," she said. "I feel like I'm a target already, so why even bring more attention to myself?"