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August 23, 2023 - Bato Aydelotte

WACK 100 Sends Warning to Akademiks Regarding ‘Dangerous’ Disrespect Towards SZA

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WACK 100 Sends Warning to Akademiks Regarding ‘Dangerous’ Disrespect Towards SZA
In recent news, Wack 100 cautions Akademiks regarding his recent remarks about SZA as “a fat mini Lizzo.” The adept artist manager referred to AK’s insults as “a dangerous game” towards the singer. Wack recalls having “a talk with him a couple of days ago. He’s been told to refrain from that name:” “He’s a YouTube blogger, so if you say something to him he gonna say something back. Now, I really think Ak playing a dangerous game because you are attacking a Black woman.” Wack added, “And they start finding them clips where it looks like its some domestic shit going on … Ak will fuck around and find himself in a bad situation … He might need to tread lightly.”
Akademiks had previously set his sights on TDE's Terrence "Punch" Henderson, accusing him of attempting to pull a "Suge Knight" move on him following his disrespectful outburst at SZA. AK responded, “I did content about the biggest killers in the world in Chicago. I’ve talked about the worst people you could imagine … I won’t be sitting here scared of an older n***a who claims he’s a ‘thug.’” Subsequently, Wack countered AK’s remarks with, “I know Punch, he’s a non-threatening guy. He was probably just voicing his opinion based upon him being close to SZA, him having business with SZA.” “Ak making the ‘Suge Knight’ comments — no way we can put Punch over there with that.” He continued, “Punch is not a street dude, he’s not a violent guy, so we gonna erase that. Because Ak has a lot of sh*t going on with a lot of people and something could happen … Somebody may in fact use this as an opportunity to say, ‘Get at him right now’ because they’re gonna think it’s Punch.”

In a recent Rumble livestream, Akademiks openly shared that he had a few drinks before diving into a disrespectful rant about SZA. He went on to criticize her body and cosmetic procedures, thoroughly examining every detail of her looks. He commented, “You love to eat, you are an eater. It’s cool, I love to eat too … But y’all be fat just like me, looking like a linebacker, your neck thick as a 32-pack of franks, and now y’all acting like y’all bad. You fat as f**k, let’s keep it a bean.” As for AK’s concluding statement, he stated, “You know you’ve been under the knife mad times. We don’t care how much you show that little botched BBL; you need to get back to the doctor one more time, and I’ma stand on it!”