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January 06, 2021

Welcome Back! Mase Is The Pastor Of Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church

HOT News
Welcome Back! Mase Is The Pastor Of Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church
Mase shared exciting news!
Harlem rapper Mase is now the pastor of Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church.
Mase revealed the news on Instagram and said thank you. He wasted no time trying to connect people with the Lord and said “all people are welcomed” at the Church of God. Take a look:
"THANK YOU. Also tag someone who is expecting something great from God and let them know that God has already started answering prayers in 2021. Tag someone looking a new church family and remember “ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOMED” at @thegochurch."
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The Church of God also shared the news and told people on their social media to welcome their new leader, Pastor Mason Betha. Some online users had mixed feelings about it, due to Mase’s career, while others defended the “Lookin’ At Me” rapper.
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Back in 1999, Mase retired from hip hop to focus more on God. He found a new calling and became an ordained minister. Five years later, he returned to the music scene and dropped his third studio album
Welcome Back
. Around this time, Mase was hanging with 50 Cent and his G Unit squad. There was chatter of Mase signing to G Unit but that
. However, he did collab on a song, “
" with Fif, Young Buck, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks.
Since then, Mase has been juggling being a Reverend and a rapper. In 2017 he dropped a diss track about Cam’Ron “The Oracle.” At the time, he appeared as a guest on
to discuss it.
During a YouTube interview, Mase said his focus is to help bring the community closer to God. Mase said,
“I really see this generation being turned back to God's hands. I think there's been a major challenge with the city like being able to direct people back to God and I really welcome the challenge."
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