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September 30, 2023 - L'Oréal LUCHi

‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That?’ - Eminem Praises A Lil Wayne Bar

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‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That?’ - Eminem Praises A Lil Wayne Bar
Eminem is so impressed by Lil Wayne’s bars, he’s giving him his flowers. 
The “Stan” rapper gave Weezy’s recent feature on Tyga and YG’s song, “Brand New,” high praises. Eminem said:
“Bro Wayne just said ‘got a bunch of zeros like a bag of new funyuns!!’ F*CK why didn’t I think of that????,” he wrote on X (Twitter). 
Hip Hop DX points out that the “mutual respect” the two rap icons have for one another runs deep. Earlier this year, Weezy admitted he was scared of working with Eminem when they first collaborated on the 2010 “Drop The World.” 
In 2021, Em gave Wayne props for being one of the greatest rappers. During an Apple Music interview, Em said:
“I rap to be the best rapper, but I’m not the only rapper who raps to be the best rapper. [Lil] Wayne, [J.] Cole, Kendrick [Lamar], Joyner Lucas. They rap to be the best rapper, and I feel like when you push yourself like that, that’s what I feel like inspires greatness.”
In addition, the two goats have a lot in common. For instance, they google their own lyrics to make sure they’re not repeating the same lines. During a different Apple Music interview that they both appeared on, they made the revelation.
Wayne said, “If you look in my phone history, with Google history, and you press the letter L, it comes up ‘Lil Wayne Lyrics.’ I literally have to Google my own lyrics to make sure I didn’t say certain stuff before.” Then Em replied:
“Oh my God! I swear to God I do that too! I just did that shit last night. Man, that’s funny as hell. I been doing that for the past five years! You be like, ‘Oh, I knew I flipped this before.’” He continued,
“It’s crazy because when you’re really into the craft you gotta come up with a new pocket, a new cadence, melodies. You can’t do the same flows, none of that.”
It’s beautiful seeing the love in the culture!