November 17, 2020

Woman Accused Of Allegedly Setting Up Mo3 Speaks Out

Woman Accused Of Allegedly Setting Up Mo3 Speaks Out

New details in the death of Dallas, Texas rapper Mo3.

Last week, before Mo3 was fatally shot, he had left a woman’s house. Mo3 was reportedly being stalked by that car which resulted in the shooting incident. 

The woman who was with Mo3 before he died is being accused of setting him up. However, it’s not clear how people online came to that conclusion. According to Gossip Of The City, a blog started a nasty rumor that claimed the woman Mo3 was with set him up. 

Hot New Hip Hop reports the woman that was with Mo3 made a post online and said,

“Damn MoMo Ion think I ever cried like this before. I was rooting for you & you had so much more to show the world they don’t even know!!! I feel robbed. These people only knew what you showed them, but I got to see the side they didn’t see & I appreciate that.”

In another post, she reportedly said, 

“Alright MoMo I’m back I know you seen me crying and laughed cause my cry face ugly as fuck my feelings was hurt fuck they still is but it’s cool,” she wrote. “You ain’t gotta do this lame ass world shit nomo. When karma spin the block mfs will reap what they sow mark my words.”

We continue to keep Mo’s family, fans, and friends in our prayers.