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April 28, 2020

Woman Iyanna Mayweather Allegedly Stabbed At NBA Youngboy’s House Sends A MESSAGE!

HOT News
Woman Iyanna Mayweather Allegedly Stabbed At NBA Youngboy’s House Sends A MESSAGE!
Iyanna Mayweather has a SERIOUS situation in her hands.
The daughter of boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, Iyanna, was arrested earlier this month after an alleged stabbing that took place at NBA Youngboy’s house. Youngboy’s baby mom, Lapattra Jacobs had to go to the hospital and get surgery after Iyanna allegedly stabbed her. Although Lapttra’s injuries were not life threading, Iyanna is facing life in prison.
Lapattra broke her silence in an Instagram Story Post last week and mentioned she never wanted any of this. Unfortunately, since the incident, she’s been receiving negative comments and verbal abuse about it. Keep in mind that Lapttra isn’t a celebrity and isn’t use to this “newfound attention.” When she initially spoke out about it a couple of weeks ago she said that she's "not okay," and would like for everyone to leave her alone. Take a look
Recently, she addressed the negative comments she's still been getting. In the post she wrote:
“Y'all steady throwing evil comments at me like for what. Y'all don't know me. If y'all was in my shows then y'all would feel the same way (being happy then sad). I'm over the place this some shit I never experience & wouldn't want nobody to. I don't care bout no money. I care about heeling, getting over this & being strong. Then y'all saying I wanted this who want something like this to happen to them that's crazy."
Lapattra also showed her support for the father of her child, NBA Youngboy
and promoted his
38 Baby 2
album on her IG Stories and told her followers to stream the project.
As for Yaya, she's still in love with Youngboy. She put a picture of herself and him in her IG profile. She broke her
last week and said that she’s still down for Youngboy and “been around.” This comes after a video surfaced online of NBA with another woman, however, Yaya claims it was her. Take a look
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