November 7, 2017

WOW: Woman Fired after Giving Trump the Finger!

WOW: Woman Fired after Giving Trump the Finger!
Photo Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI – Getty Images

Apparently you can get fired for giving Donald Trump the finger!

A woman by the name of  Juli Briskman was cycling when she noticed Donald Trump’s vehicle riding along side of her and couldn’t help but hold her middle finger up.  The funny part is that Briskman was actually photographed while doing so.

The photo quickly went viral, and eventually ended up with Briskman getting fired from her job.

According to her employer, Briskman violated their social media policy especially after using the viral photo for her profile image.

Although the cycling/former employee did not reveal her companies name via social media, she has NO REGRETS after being fired.

Would you?