January 19, 2017

YIKES! El Chapo Wants Out Of Prison…Because Of THIS!

YIKES! El Chapo Wants Out Of Prison…Because Of THIS!
(Photo Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Joaquin Guzman, also known as drug lord “El Chapo” is not having a very easy time in prison this time around.

He claims that he is being sexually assaulted by a prison guard, and wants out of the maximum-security prison he was put in since his most recent capture.

According to the Daily Mail his attorney Silvia Delgado forwarded his latest quotes.

She said Guzman told her that it’s ‘more than abuse – they are handling me’ and called the way in which her client is handled ’embarrassing’.

Delgado said that the kingpin told her of the prison guard: ‘He squeezes and bothers me.

Guzman is also unable to sleep properly, Delgado claimed, with prison guards waking him up every four hours to ask how he feels.

Delgado said that Guzman is focusing on his well-being, but he told her that he is being affected by his isolation.

“El Chapo” is facing extadition to face trial in the United States, which could happen later this year.

See footage of the last time he escaped prison before his most recent capture below.