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February 04, 2022

Yo Gotti Drops New Double Album ‘CM10: Free Game’

New Music
Yo Gotti Drops New Double Album ‘CM10: Free Game’
Yo Gotti is giving people “free game.”
His new album
CM10: Free Game
has arrived. It’s his 11th studio album, and it’s double-sided. Side A appeals to the street side while side B is more mature.
Before dropping, the Memphis rapper let fans know this is his last album. In the caption, he said,
“I’m gone Finish This SH!T just how I started!!! Wit No Regrets, Standing on Business & Principles. Motivating All Hustlers, knowing we took da Highest Risk for a Better Outcome. To the Streets, Plugs, Fans & Consumers. I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL.” It ended with
“#CM10 February 4th -
P.S #CMGRecords.”
Take a listen:
CM10: Free Game
is Gotti’s first full-length release since his 2020’s
pointed out last year, Yo Gotta spoke on CM10 and said,
was made for a purpose,” he wrote. “It’s Called ‘Free Game’ it’s to give u messages & tell u Da experience of a Young Hustla Dat come from da Hood but ended up in a position no one Expected him to be in, Him being Me.” He went on to say,
“I’m going against what everybody told me ‘Dropping 2 Albums on the Same day DONT MAKE SENSE’ Me: I’m a Ex Drug Dealer Turned Executive NONE OF THIS SHIT MAKES SENSE.”
Let us know your thoughts on the album!