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March 03, 2022

Yo Gotti Explains How He Was Able To Shed 50 Pounds

HOT News
Yo Gotti Explains How He Was Able To Shed 50 Pounds
Yo Gotti is opening up about his health.
Yo Gotti explains how he shed pounds in the latest episode of Men’s Health‘s Gym & Fridge series. He showed off his “
,” filled with lean meats and fish such as chicken,
, and salmon, plus
including broccoli, asparagus, and spinach.
said he changed his diet up a lot. He said,
“I used to drink a lot of sodas, eat a lot of cakes and junk food. So I got rid of all that. It’s a lot more greenery and vegetables, and even the sweets I eat are prepared by my chef, which is way, way better for my health. It really helped me lose like 50 pounds.” He continued,
“I never been on a specific type of diet, I just tried to stop eating bad and start eating healthy. A lot of things I do, though, is calorie count, I think that’s what helped me a lot. For the last year, I tried to count my calorie intake and that seems to be the best results that I get.” Yo Gotti does 45 minutes to an hour of cardio on his bike machine when it comes to working out.
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points out Gotti still indulges in
cheat meals, like going to his
Memphis restaurant Privé
, where he indulges in comfort food.