April 13, 2018

You Don’t Want To Play With #DeafBae With Her Fine Self [VIDEO]

You Don’t Want To Play With #DeafBae With Her Fine Self  [VIDEO]

[Video Screen Shot]

Not even trying to be funny, being Deaf is a very serious handicap/disability, and deaf people have the right to privacy as everyone else, BUT #DeafBae, aka Diandra Devon Hooper is out here looking good AF and I just wanted to see if I could get her attention! Now I just learned of her through this argument she had with some other woman when I noticed her name, Diandra Devon Hooper, so I did some Digging, and Boom I found her! Here’s the thing, she says she’s gay so she’s not into guys :-/ BUT she still FINE AF!!! Realizing that she’s gay and knowing the word is she was arguing with another Deaf female over a guy, but after some research, she is not in line with all LGB(T) community member, those that she calls ‘Transformers’, which I presume she means transgenders, AND if you look at the video in question of 2 deaf women arguing, the one in the little box, I think is a Transgender, but I could be wrong(sorry if so). Y’all don’t take my ignorant words as law, look for your self;

The Fight in question:

Then here’s the statement I mentioned:

Apparently she gets in social media hot waters often so don’t piss her off;