February 4, 2017

Diddy Gets His THIRD Surgery In A Year [PHOTO]

Diddy Gets His THIRD Surgery In A Year  [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Larry French/Getty Images)

It looks like all of that dancing has caught up to Diddy.

The mogul was taken to the hospital once again to have a third surgery on his knee this year. From his captions doctors claim that he will never run again.


See his thoughts and words below.


Just had my final knee surgery. They said I’d never run again. I SAID THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.!! 3 surgeries in one year! 3rd times a the charm!!! #Rebirth don’t take the simple things in life for granted. Thank you to all the surgeons and docs and PTs. I THANK GOD FOR YALL! And #teamlove #ThankYou #GODISTHEGREATEST

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Flowers from my brother @frenchmontana love you baby bro.

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I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have my sons by my side these last two years! They have been more than sons they have been my support system. NOW LETS BALL!!!!! #RealLove

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God puts us all thru things for reason. It’s up to us to learn through the things that he puts us through! Sometimes you have to go through the pain to get to the joy. This journey has brought me closer to God. Closer to my family. And most importantly closer to myself. As this has been God’s will. Thank you to My staff for being patient and riding with me the last two years and holding me down. Tomorrow’s a new day. Step-by-step! Thank you to all my fans and friends ! Thank you for your prayers and support! I’m doing great. And I appreciate your concern. And a special shout out to everybody who’s laid up in a hospital right now my prayers are with you you’re not alone god bless and keep fighting! SAVE ME A DANCE! All LOVE!!!! IM DOING GREAT BY THE WAY! Thank you

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