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June 17, 2022

First Listen – “Honestly, Nevermind” by Drake.

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First Listen – “Honestly, Nevermind” by Drake.

This is club music for DJ’s to play with.

Drake surprised the music world by announcing that his seventh studio album “Honestly, Nevermind” was coming in less than 12 hours. 

After my first listen of this album, there are a few noteworthy observations. Firstly, this is a much more complete project than Certified Lover Boy. Say what you want about the content of the music, but Honestly, Nevermind has a fully considered sound and message behind it; whereas Certified Lover Boy felt like an attempt at releasing a random assortment of songs in one project.

It’s evident that Drake wanted to get back into his singing bag, which is likely what made this album a summer release. There are only two rap songs on the album, the rest are R&B club songs.  

Shockingly, the primary sample style and sound that Drizzy has gone for seems like 80’s house music mixed with European trance influences. Drake seems to have made an album entirely for women to dance around to with an elaborate cocktail in their hand. If you’re a woman or gay man making more than $60,000 annually and living in a major city – this is your album. Currents and Texts Go Green have tons of different club elements, at times it sounds like Jersey Club music other times it sounds like Go-Go. 

There are minor Afrobeats influences scattered throughout like in the intro for Texts Go Green and the breakdown of Calling My Name. But ultimately Drake is blending his own signature sound into already popular styles, the way he always has.

Drake is singing his ass off on this album. However, the best two songs on the project are Sticky & Jimmy Cooks when he finally raps. But that’s the Drake secret, the singing albums make you appreciate the rap verses and vice versa.

If there’s one thing that Drake wants you to do to this album, it’s dance around. Normally a Drake album has a few dance tracks, but Honestly, Nevermind is jam packed with music to two-step to. The tracks that feel future club hits are Massive and Currents

The only featured artist on this project is 21 Savage, who you had to figure would be on the album after the success of Knife Talk.

Honestly, Nevermind will not be Drake’s most famous album, but it will be a hit with massive staying power. No one remembers the Scorpion album, but everyone knows at least three songs off it. You’ll be dancing in the club, singing all the words, and you’ll turn to your friend and say “what is this one called?” and your friend won’t know either. This album is unique and a lot of fun, expect your local DJ to have a blast with it.