October 5, 2018

Harlem Stan Up! Sheck Wes’ Debut Project ‘MUDBOY’ Is Here [Listen]

Harlem Stan Up! Sheck Wes’ Debut Project ‘MUDBOY’ Is Here [Listen]

Sheck Wes has been the talk of the town since his stand-out, aggressive track “Mo Bamba” has been gaining undeniable steam this summer. Right when the spotlight is on him, he continues to ride the momentum and come correct. The young Harlem rapper just delivered his debut project, MUDBOY, which is now available on all streaming services.

He announced earlier this week that the project was officially coming. Mo Bamba, the obvious inspiration behind Sheck’s biggest hit so far, was posted wearing a t-shirt with the project name and official date. Leading up to the release of the new music, he even put out some Mudboy-themed merch for people to buy, which you can pick up here.

The future is certainly looking bright for the new rising rapper. Check out the project below!