November 25, 2020

HoodCelebrityy Drops New Single ‘Ungrateful’ 

HoodCelebrityy Drops New Single ‘Ungrateful’ 

HoodCelebrityy always drops music to uplift her people and those around the world. Now she’s back with a new single, “Ungrateful.” 

This banger is an anthem for anyone dealing with a breakup or a bad relationship. HoodCelebrityy makes the message clear, if someone isn’t treating you right, they have to go! 

“Mi try everything fi Mek yuh happy, Yuh ungrateful yo never happy, no me can’t please everybody”.

The cover art also has a powerful meaning. HoodCelebrityy hand wrote each message, and it has empowering phrases like “self-love,” “I try so hard,” “can’t please everybody,” “enough is enough,” and more.

The song is Produced by DJ Swanqo, check it out:

You can learn the dance moves to “Ungrateful!”