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September 16, 2022

Jersey City’s Albee Al Released A New Single + Video ‘Thottie’

New Music
Jersey City’s Albee Al Released A New Single + Video ‘Thottie’
Jersey City’s Albee Al is back with new music.
After serving three years behind bars, he wasted no time returning to music. “Thottie” takes fans on his journey of being in prison and then getting released.
The single also has a video, like a mini-documentary, visually showing his time in and then out of prison. Albee Al enjoys his life as a free man and heads to Empire to sign a record deal.
Take a look:
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Per the press release:
Albee Al raps about how high he feels off life and how he’ll remind people to not cross him with the hook “I fell in love with a thottie, it was her head and her body, she give me sloppy, I beat it up like I’m Rocky, drop the bitch off in a Masi’, feel like I’m Gotti, feel like I’m Teflon, I ride around with a weapon, I got that shit that ain’t stepped on, heard that I’m slept on, you can get robbed if you flex wrong, get stiff neck like I slept wrong.”
The high-energy song is the first single for his new album FREE THE REAL, scheduled to drop on September 30th.