January 25, 2021

NLE Choppa Channels Tupac For His ‘Picture Me Grapin’ Video

NLE Choppa Channels Tupac For His ‘Picture Me Grapin’ Video

NLE Choppa nailed his recreation video!

For NLE Choppa’s song “Picture Me Grapin” off his From Dark To Light mixtape, he channeled Tupac. The title of NLE’s song is an “ode” to the late icon from 2Pac’s 1996 All Eyez on Me from the song “Picture Me Rollin.”

NLE took his transformation to the next level. In the video, NLE recreated scenes from Tupac’s iconic music videos like “I Get Around,” “Hit Em Up,” and more. 





The music video was co-directed by the Warner Records artist and Ben Marc, take a look: 

Before NLE dropped the visual, he let fans know this would be his last release for a period of time. Choppa is not feeling Warner label allegedly “trying to disable [his] freedom of speech.” He said,

“Not dropping anything else after my video tomorrow. Warner records are trying to disable my freedom of speech on the platform I worked best. Until this change this will be the final video I put out on my behalf…. love y’all always.”

Dope seeing the new generation pay homepage to the OGs! Let us know your thoughts on the video!