June 7, 2019

Tee Grizzley Gets Personal In New Album ‘Scriptures’

Tee Grizzley Gets Personal In New Album ‘Scriptures’

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The Detroit native is back with a new project!

This is Tee Grizzley’s first album of 2019, produced by the iconic hitmaker Timberland.

In one of his leading single’s “God’s Warrior” he raps about his up bringing and what life was like in the streets. 

“Money make your whole team vanish

That’s a paper trick, Origami

I be dolo, don’t need a posse

If you got the wave, I got the tsunami”

He also dropped “Locked Up,” which tells the story about some of the struggles he’s dealing with. His father was tragically killed, while his mother is behind bars. His brother is also incarcerated, which impacts him on the daily.

Some notable lyrics:

“My mama locked up

My pops got popped up

Lil’ bro still locked up

And it got me f****d up

And when they see you without no cheese, they ain’t gon’ count ya

But they gon’ hate and call you fake soon as you count up.”


Tee Grizzley had his album release party in NYC. Fetty Wap was in the building, bringing in his birthay with his homie and fans. The bar was packed with everyone vibing to Scriptures

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Tonight @tee_grizzley gave fans an exclusive listen to #Scriptures!