December 18, 2019

Tyga Transforms Into A Gangsta Cartoon In ‘Ayy Macarena’ Visual

Tyga Transforms Into A Gangsta Cartoon In ‘Ayy Macarena’ Visual

Photo credit – Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

T RAW is back with a new party single.

The song “Ayy Macarena” is a remake of the popular 1993 original version from Los Del Rio. The song is a Spanish classic and is about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend while he’s serving in the army. 

Its ironic Tyga dropped this song while his ex Kylie is on a “break” with her daughter’s father, Travis Scott. Rumors were floating that Kylie was messing around with Tyga, but nothing has been confirmed. 

In one of the lines, Tyga raps

“She a rockstar (rockstar), that’s no doubt (no doubt)

I’ma fire to the flame, don’t be burning me out (ha)

I’m the n***a that she told you not to worry about

Why you think she in a rush when she leaving the house?

I’ma sip, I’ma clip, I’ma drip, then I’m out (ayy).”

The visual is energetic and fun. Tyga is a cartoon dressed as Jim Carrey’s character from The Mask with the yellow suit. He hits LA streets to show off his dance moves before turning into a gangster and knocking someone out. 

Take a look: