B.G. Disses Lil Wayne on New Song With Finesse2tymes

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B.G. dissed Lil Wayne!

Today (Jan. 5), Finesse2tymes released a new song called “Gangstafied” featuring B.G. On the track, the 43-year-old rapper can be heard taking shots at his fellow New Orleans native, while addressing things that were happening while he was behind bars.

“My n**ga Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing/My n**ga Weezy steady touring, but he’s b**ch and it’s showing/I’m still a living legend, don’t act like you didn’t know it,” B.G. rapped. He was released from prison back in September of 2023 after spending more than a decade locked up for illegal gun possession.

B.G. is known for rapping alongside Lil Wayne and Juvenile in the popular 1990s group Hot Boys. Check out the music video for “Gangstafied” below.