Diddy Weighs In On Cardi B.’s Government Shut Down Comments [VIDEO]

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The government shut down has directly affected nearly 800,000 people in America. 
People who have federal jobs are feeling the impact of the shutdown because some of them are working WITOUT pay, and still have obligations like feeding their family and paying bills.

We all know the burden of NOT working, so imagine how the people who are going to work but don’t receive a paycheck feel. Cardi B. is able to put herself in their shoes, no matter how much money or fame she has.

She took to IG to let her fans know that the shutdown is serious and that we should be paying attention. Cardi also spoke on the fact that during Obama’s term the government was shut down but his reason was for healthcare, whereas Trump wants a wall that separates the U.S. and Mexican border.

Diddy took to his IG to show love to Cardi and to reiterate what she said. He said that she has the torch for 2019. Cardi B. got her claim to fame for her outspoken behavior so it’s dope to see her try to educate the younger generation on what’s happening in the world around them.

Take a look at the post and Diddy’s comment below: