DJ Akademiks Sued For Sexual Assault & Defamation


DJ Akademiks and two others were named in a sexual assault and defamation lawsuit for allegedly raping a woman in July 2022 and causing emotional distress afterward. Filed by Fauziya Abash in New Jersey Superior Court on Monday (May 13), the plaintiff will be represented by the prominent attorney Tyrone Blackburn, who also represents Lil Rod in the Diddy lawsuit.

According to court ocuments, Fauziya Abash and Akademiks began causally dating in 2021. On the day of the incident, Abash claims she was drugged by the two unnamed accomplices and then raped by them and Akademiks at his home. Abash requests a jury trial. 

While Abash and the 32-year-old streamer, real name Livington Allen, recently clashed on social media, Akademiks took to his Rumble Livestream on Wednesday, May 14, to proclaim his innocence in the alleged sexual assault and identified the lawsuit as a “shakedown.”

“I’m going to go against my very high-priced attorney’s advice today, but I’m still not going to say much,” Akademiks told viewers. “My only comment should really be: Whatever this is will be handled in court. Just know, according to the law and according to the police and according to all sanctioning governing authorities, Akademiks is an innocent man who has not ever been charged with anything of the sort that has to do with any deviancy or anything like that, has never been charged, will never be charged. That’s a fact. This is a money tree situation.”

Blackburn told USA Today on Monday (May 13) that the lawsuit was filed after several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the case privately. “Litigation is always the last resort,” said Blackburn. “After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve this case privately, Ms Abashe was left with no choice but to file. Mr. Allen’s hubris will be his downfall.”

The news of sexual assault prompted many hip-hop stars to share their thoughts on Akademiks, who has had issues with numerous rappers throughout his career due to his hot takes. Saucy Santana immediately reacted to Akademiks’ legal drama, stating on his Instagram Story, “69 Freaky B*tch… Nasty tail.”

Meek Mill would tweet with a video Akademiks claiming his innocence, “Whatever these niggas sold they soul too I’m not in it wtf … now he telling why he was reporting bad about people?”

Akademiks responded to Meek’s tweet on Livestream with an angry statement: “I jack off to the fact that your career is six feet under!”