Eric Mena Responds To Social Media Critics After Nicki Minaj Comment!

Erica Mena

Photo Credit: Prince Williams  – Getty Images


It looks like Eric Mena is UNBOTHERED after a clip of her interview with our very own Nessa went viral.


In the clip,  Erica Mena is asked whether or not she listens to Nicki Minaj’s music, and Mena’s response was ‘I grew up on Lil Kim.’


The reality TV star went on to say that she also thought Nicki’s music was a bit ‘cartoonish,’ and while Mena is rightfully entitled to her own opinion, Nicki’s Barbs were not feeling it!


The Barbs also dug up a few old tweets of Mena supporting Nicki…


Take a look at Erica’s response below:



Watch the full interview here: