J. Lo Reacts To ‘Unhealthy Relationship’ Post Amidst Ben Affleck Split Rumors

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend ELLE's Women in Hollywood Celebration at Nya Studios on December 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 05: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Celebration at Nya Studios on December 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/WireImage)

Jennifer Lopez seemingly confirms her split from Ben Affleck.

We previously reported that according to a source, Ben Affleck has already reportedly “moved out” from the home he and Jennifer Lopez share.

“They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!” said the insider.

The source says Affleck “decided to call it quits” on his marriage to Jennifer. “He’s focusing on his work and his kids now,” expressed the insider.

“They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her. There’s no way it could have lasted,” added the insider.

Now J Lo nor Ben has yet to address the rumors, however, Lopez was seen “liking” an interesting post.

Reported on The Jasmine Brand, the post via Instagram read, “you cannot build a relationship with someone who…lacks integrity & emotional safety…doesn’t respect your time…lacks effective communication skills…doesn’t know who they are or what they want.”

This news comes as a surprise to many fans as J. Lo previously said “I feel even more relaxed and comfortable, which makes me feel even more beautiful than I have ever felt with someone else,” when speaking about her husband.

The two got married in a private wedding ceremony in 2022. When asked if she thinks the marriage is going to last, she expressed, “I think you always go in with the best of intentions every single time that you ever leap into anything,” the performer said while chucking. “I do anyway, not just in my personal life but in my professional life, too.”

“He’s always just, he’s my biggest fan and my biggest supporter as I am of his, which I’m so glad to be here tonight,” Lopez gushed.

We’ll keep you updated as things continue to unfold.