New York City Council Bans Employers From Drug Testing for Marijuana Use!


Photo Credit: Pacific Press / Getty Images





On April 9th a bill was passed to help reduce the legal consequences of Marijuana use in New York City. The bill, No 1445 A, states New York City Employers, wouldn’t be allowed to drug test for marijuana as a part of the hiring process. Even though the bill was passed it still needs approval by Mayor Bill De Blasio, which then will take effect one year after the final enactment. 


It is important to know that not all jobs will be protected under the new bill, for example construction site workers, criminal investigation personnels, law enforcement, and any position who supervises medical patients and children. 


Public Advocate Jamaane Williams sponsored the new bill and made a statement saying: ….”As we move torward legalization, it makes absolutely no sense that we’re keeping people from finding jobs or advancing their careers becausie of marijunana.”


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Source: Bloomberg Law