Paul Wall Shocks Social Media With Brand New Look: ‘Ain’t No Way’

Paul Wall has fans shocked after he showed off his new look in a new viral TikTok.

In the video, Wall, is rocking a new haircut and a full gray beard. “Silver paul looks so elegant, we should refer to him as Paullard Eallard by now, show some respect,” one fan joked.


1st off, why my face look like the old man filter lol, we had a lot of fun yesterday, perfoming halftime with @Louie TheSinger and watching the @Houston Texans Mannnn gonna be a long journey but u can definitely feel we’re headed in the right direction @Tank Dell LFG homie!!!!

♬ original sound – paulwallbaby

Following the viral video, Paul Wall sat down for an interview with TMZ. He reveals that he had been “insecure” about his gray hair in the past- but, he’s fully embracing it now. “My grandfather had a full head of gray hair when he was 18 years old, so growing up I always knew it was coming,” he said. “It started off with a little hair here and there in my chain.I remember my bro Nelly and Ali pulling me to the side and saying, ‘Aye, bruh, you gotta do something about those grays, they showing out!’”

He contined, “but honestly, I always had insecurities and hang-ups about my gray hair as a younger person. Now, I don’t mean to be ageist or any of that, but once I hit 40, it just felt like being gray was more age-appropriate.”

“So as soon as I hit 40, I swear, all my hang-ups, insecurities, they went out the window … I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m letting them grays show!’”