Stunna4Vegas Brings His Style to Freestyle125 w/ Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Rapper Stunna4vegas on the microphone with a stack of money to his ear

‘I’m Sick Toxic, My ice kickboxing’… Im’ not even gonna hold you, all in all, I like little homies flow. Yes while DaBaby was up for #Freestyle1123 Stunna got in the seat and did his bit for the culture, Money phone and all.

I see people that said ‘oh that’s a song for DaBaby, and this is a lot like that, but it’s a real bop, so why do ya’ll care if it’s a verse from a record… I’ll give you a little secret, rappers been doing that since the beginning of freestyle time… it’s just a street freestyle cypher battle, you couldn’t get caught doing it, but this era is diff anyway so it really shouldn’t matter, as long as he’s not mumbling!