Tory Lanez Calls Pusha-T Out for a Rap Battle [VIDEO]

Tory Lanez performs on stage

Photo credit: Manny Carabel / Getty Images 

Back again! Tory Lanez is done with his battle with Joyner Lucas, and is now coming for Pusha-T.

Well, we know what happened the last time Push was in a rap battle. That don’t stop Lanez from wanting some smoke.

Following his small battle with rapper Joyner Lucas, Lanez took to his Instagram live to announce the battle was over, and that he wanted to go toe-to-toe with any other spitta’. “I want to go at it with the spittas, with the nig– who be doin’ it. The nig– who got that side of it.”

One of his fans mentioned Pusha in his live and this was his response, “Ain’t none of these niggas humbling me down, my nig–, I’m not even cocky, I just believe at the end of the day, ain’t no nig—fuc– with me period. And that’s how I’m supposed to feel. So, let Pusha-T know…and if Pusha-T don’t want it and he can’t respond, y’all just need to give me that nig– spot and wherever you solidify him in the hip-hop game. Wherever you solidify him, that’s the spot you need to give me until I take the next nig– spot that’s above him.”

Okay! Who you got? Tory VS Push. This should be interesting.