Voting Today? See Who Celebs are Endorsing in the NY Primaries

Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon shaking hands on stage in front of a blue background

 (Photo by CRAIG RUTTLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Today is New York’s Primary Election Day which means everyone who is registered to vote should go do so.

This election includes picking assembly members to represent your district, a new attorney general, and a new state Governor.

The candidates for Governor are Cynthia Nixon, actress, activist and politician, and current Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Throughout their entire campaign, both candidates have come up with ideas and plans to make NYS a better place for all of its residents.

Nixon has spoke about legalizing marijuana, ending homelessness, fixing the subway system, better educational plans, healthcare, and more.

Governor Cuomo has spoke about marriage equality, tuition-free colleges, paid family leave and more.

All of these topics are really good and they do resonate with voters but it doesn’t make it easier to pick a side. This should help, below is a list of who your favorite celebrity picked.


Nicki Minaj: Team Cuomo


T.I.: Team Nixon