Wu-Tang Clan is Teaming up w/ White Castle For a NEW HEALTHIER Burger!

Ghostface Killah
Photo credit – Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


White Castle meets Wu-Tang meets vegan… perfect!

The popular fast food burger joint is partnering with iconic hip-hop group the Wu-Tang clan to promote the “impossible slider.”  White Castle took to IG and posted  a picture of Ghostface Killah and RZA with the caption, “on set impossible burger on deck.”


In the promotional video, RZA “uploaded his consciousness into a supreme data system” and he possesses the “knowledge of the infinite.”

“Together with the Wu-Tang Clan, we will slide through space, seek wisdom, and expand the parameters of the mind. If you are an Earthling and you need answers, call 1-833-4-SLIDER.”



The healthy addition to the burger family was inspired by Kal Penn, the actor who played “Kumar” in the film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.  The “impossible burger” will be available in all stores Oct. 1. Will you be trying it?