May 31, 2017

A Street In New York City COULD Be Named After Big Pun [PHOTO]

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A Street In New York City COULD Be Named After Big Pun [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images)

A street in New York City might be named after the late Big Pun.

News 12 reports that there are a group of residents that are trying to rename 163rd Street after the rapper. His son Chris Rivers is helping to push the initiative which he claims will be “amazing” for fans and those inspired by his career.

“I think for the people of the Bronx that grew up listening to him. That was inspired by his words. And the millions of people that heard his music and it changed their lives,” he said. “I think it would be amazing to see something more concrete. I think for one of their favorite artists or just for someone who held down the Bronx. I think it would be an amazing thing for us and for his fans.”

According to City Councilman Rafael Salamanca he is willing to do it, “if both the residents and the Board then approve, I would be more than happy to take proposed street co-naming before the City Council.”


Interview with @news12bx about my fathers wall, legacy and street being named after him as well as my career! Thanks @esteltzer for the awesome interview and thanks @filausa for the dope attire. And I thank all of you that make me #AlmostCool enough to do stuff like this. I love ya ! #DragonsUp #DragonGod #IFeelAwesome #YouShouldToo #SexSymbol

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