January 12, 2017

Ace Of Diamond Strippers Call Out Blac Youngsta [VIDEO]

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Ace Of Diamond Strippers Call Out Blac Youngsta [VIDEO]

Photo Cred: Elsa / Getty Images 

Two Ace of Diamond strippers were not enthused by Blac Yungsta. The LA ladies say that they were really excited to see Youngsta at the club. Unfortunately, these two ended up being very disappointed because they are now claiming Youngsta didn’t spend not one dollar on them. They said rappers should support their trap the same way they support theirs. They went on to say there was NO EXCUSE what so ever for Youngsta not to tip them. They said he set a bad example for people who come to clubs. The women says thank you for coming to AOD but they do NOT want him to come back.

Youngsta defended himself by saying yes, he did leave the strippers with not a dime, but that’s because they had on cheesy lingerie and they didn’t get naked. He says the club paid him “crumbs” for the performance.