January 12, 2017

At Last! Aaliyah’s Hits Appear On iTunes/Apple Music

Ebro In The Morning
At Last! Aaliyah’s Hits Appear On iTunes/Apple Music

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

For as long as it’s been a thing, streaming services have not had any Aaliyah music, save for her 1994 debut, Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. The reason behind this particular project being the only one featured stem from the late singer’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, who owns all the masters to his niece’s music EXCEPT that album – so he was unable to block its consumption.

For whatever reason, Hankerson has not wanted to offer up Aaliyah’s music online, but last night, a compilation of her greatest hits popped up on iTunes and Apple Music. It has yet to appear on Spotify or TIDAL, however, but it’s a start!

“Craze Productions” is the copyright holder for the songs, so it’s possible this is an illegal upload like in 2013 – when a company named “Craze Digital” uploaded One in a Million and Aaliyah to streaming services, and they were just as quickly yanked. Seems like it’s the same company with a little tweak in the name, so maybe this too will be short-lived.

Stream the playlist below now and let’s enjoy while we can!