December 29, 2017

Best Of Ebro In The Morning 2017 [VIDEO]

Ebro In The Morning
Best Of Ebro In The Morning 2017 [VIDEO]

From controversy to fun, we had a great 2017 on Ebro in the Morning! 

Oscar De La Hoya called out Conor McGregor, and Shani Kulture questioned LaLa’s Power sex scenes. Dave Chappelle and Chance the Rapper took over the show, 50 Cent confronted Ebro’s thoughts that he killed New York rap, while we all looked at Ebro after “Shether.”

It is also a year where we gave birth to the DJ John song although he believed the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center was 100,000 feet high, and recently Nightmares w/ Laura Stylez. 

Yasiin Bay, Chris Rock, Queen Latifah, Meek Mill, and many more were guests on the show. Below are our favorite moments from Ebro in the Morning.