May 17, 2017

Bill Cosby Finally Speaks On Allegations ‘The Piling On’ [VIDEO]

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Bill Cosby Finally Speaks On Allegations ‘The Piling On’ [VIDEO]

Photo Cred: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor

I could give some long explaination, or breakdown, but let’s be honest, this is all nuts, and are we really sure what happened at this point? I mean IF true, disgusting, but in all fairness, don’t we owe Bill the opportunity to present his side… even with the multitude of accusers, he’s Bill Cosby(all though that could be what got him jammed up if true, he’s ‘Bill Cosby’);


I don’t k now if Bill should be saying the word ‘tentacles’ or describing something as ‘piling on’ right now, but I love how he hit him with ‘you know better than that!!!! So, a few weeks away, remember, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY… that’s not my opinion, it’s the Law, if he did it, he fries, but what if, in this case, he didn’t 0_0 IJS, I am all about the right thing, but I grew up on Bill man…. that has to mean something, to both he and I… like was he really just saying ‘fuck it, I’m drugging these bitches just cause I can’ (his potential words, NOT Mine), but meaning, he was SO hot throughout the years, did He… Bill Cosby need to drug them??? I mean if he did he should fry, but let’s be fair, and follow the law.