May 10, 2017

Bow Wow RESPONDS To Backlash After Getting Caught Lying [PHOTO]

Bow Wow Ebro In The Morning
Bow Wow RESPONDS To Backlash After Getting Caught Lying [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images)

Bow Wow…you got a little bit of explaining to do.

The rapper/personality decided to get on Instagram and show off the fact that he was heading to New York on a press run in a private jet.

Minutes later, someone on another airline to NYC spotted Bow Wow sitting oh so comfortably in his seat in coach on a regular passenger airline.

Nothing wrong with that. Other than getting caught in a big ass lie.

Looks like he heard the backlash and decided to respond to the “haters” for being broke. What a way to keep your fans loyal.

See what was said below.


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“If you love life why are you sleeping? I don’t sleep because i can die any day now and i want to be up to watch and witness every breath of life. There for i don’t sleep. When i go, i want to feel like i seen what i was suppose to and have no regrets when i die” #May25 #GUHHATL

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You have to love the internet at the #BowWowChallenge is in full force!