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July 14, 2017


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(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)
DMX may not be able to run away from Uncle Sam this time.
On Thursday (July 14), the legendary rapper was charged with tax fraud after claiming that they hid millions of dollars in income from the IRS. A sum that totals in about $1.7 million in federal tax liabilites.
He had surroundered to police last night, and is scheduled to face a judge at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District on Friday.
Also known as Earl Simmons, he has been charged with 14 different counts including: one count of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the due administration of Internal Revenue Laws, one count of evasion of payment of income taxes, six counts of evasion of assessment of income tax liability, and six counts of failure to file a U.S. individual income tax return.
They claim that he: “received hundreds of thousands of dollars of royalty income from his music recordings. Simmons caused that income to be deposited into the bank accounts of his managers, who then disbursed it to him in cash or used it to pay his personal expenses. Simmons also participated in the “Celebrity Couples Therapy” television show in 2011 and 2012 and was paid $125,000 for his participation. When taxes were withheld from the check for the first installment of that fee by the producer, Simmons refused to tape the remainder of the television show until the check was reissued without withholding taxes.”
Back in June, the Ruff Ryders tour was announced and scheduled to begin on September 7. No word on how this recent incident will impact that tour. He was also scheduled to perform at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this weekend.
We will give you more information as it becomes available.