August 13, 2017

DMX Placed On House Arrest

Ebro In The Morning
DMX Placed On House Arrest
(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

As hip hop fans, we continue to hope DMX can get cleaned up and bring us one more big memory for nostalgia sake. Unfortunately, it looks like he has more work to do.

It was learned earlier this week that DMX had violated probation for going on a trip to St. Louis without checking with his probation officer.

Now it is being reported that he had failed four different drug tests, testing postive for marijuana and cocaine.

Instead of jail time, he was placed on house arrest, and is now ordered to wear an ankle bracelet. According to the report, “the judge was pretty clear, telling X he couldn’t even go out to mow his own lawn.”

He is charged with 14 counts on tax fraud, and owing over $1.7 million in taxes.