January 4, 2017

Does This Lil Wayne Post Mean We’re Getting THREE Projects From Him Soon? [PHOTOS]

Ebro In The Morning
Does This Lil Wayne Post Mean We’re Getting THREE Projects From Him Soon? [PHOTOS]

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Yesterday, January 3, Lil Wayne took to his official Facebook page to share a photo that is likely from the huge party at LIV on New Year’s Day. The caption, however, is what has people talking.

With merely three words, Weezy has his fans over-the-moon, thinking he’s hinting that we’ll finally be getting some new music from him soon.

CV. Funeral. D6,” he wrote, which for those not in-the-know stands for the LONG overdue Carter V album, the project Funeral he recently announced in an interview and Dedication 6, the sixth installment in his popular mixtape series with DJ Drama.

Personally, I don’t think this post was any type of announcement, as he’s been plugging C5 this whole time, despite the tie-up with Cash Money. That whole situation doesn’t seem any closer to being resolved, so I’m not holding my breath for some sort of new development. However, D6 can come at any moment since it’s a mixtape, and perhaps Funeral as well – if that too is a mixtape.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There have been rumblings that Wayne is signing to Roc Nation, so perhaps he’ll drop Funeral and it will represent a figurative “death” of sorts, maybe retiring the name “Lil Wayne” and going by Lil Tunechi or something moving forward. I THINK this removes him from contractual obligations he has under his current rap name, and would free him up to release albums again.

Would you be upset if he changed his name?