January 31, 2017

Drake and His LA Crib Were Just Dragged Into A Scam

Ebro In The Morning
Drake and His LA Crib Were Just Dragged Into A Scam

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, reports went around that Drake’s infamous California crib was up for sale for $20 million. The home is known for its grotto that rivals the Playboy Mansion and the home studio, along with the many, many parties he’s had there over the years. It seemed pretty surprising that the OVO rapper would sell the property after only five years, and it turns out – he’s not!

TMZ reports that a random man who has NO association with Drake took it upon himself to post the home “for sale by owner” on Zillow. A real estate came across the listing and immediately reached out to the man – who claimed he was Drake’s manager – asking if he could rep the property. He got the okay, and went ahead and posted it on the Multiple Listing Service as an active listing.

This was the second issue, however, as the agent apparently didn’t mean to make it active just yet. He tells TMZ that the listing was supposed to be in drafts while he worked out details with the “manager,” but when they got on the phone again to hash out details, the random dude got aggressive and confessed it was a scam. SMH!

So fear not, ladies – the grotto is here to stay! (And I will be there for summer parties…LOL!)