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January 03, 2017

Fetty Wap Moves On To Another Stripper While Alexis Sky Moves On To Another Rapper [PHOTOS]

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Fetty Wap Moves On To Another Stripper While Alexis Sky Moves On To Another Rapper [PHOTOS]
Photo Credit: Anna Webber / Getty Images
There’s a whole lot of action going on in Fetty Wap’s world. At one point last year, the New Jersey rapper was actively dating two women – his hometown boo Yaya, and former Atlanta stripper, Alexis Sky. The ladies knew of each other and though he kept them separate for a while, he was eventually able to have them get along and hang out as a group – but that was quite short-lived.
Simultaneously, Fetty was also dealing with his first daughter’s mother, Lezhae, and sometimes hung out with his second daughter’s mother, Masika Kalysha, as well. This dude has game!
Looks like he’s decided to leave most of his roster in 2016, however, as he’s not only publicly split from Alexis, but he has since moved on to a stripper from Ace’s in NYC, Blu. We haven’t seen much from Yaya or Lez in a while either, so it looks like the rapper may be a one-woman man for now. Fetty reportedly paid over $50k to fix Blu’s teeth over the holiday, and brought her with him to Mexico for his New Year’s Eve performance.
Meanwhile, Alexis is preoccupied with Offset…the Migos rapper who has at least 2 other women who claim him publicly. This girl enjoys being a part of harems, huh?
Check out Fetty and Blu below, the shade from both Alexis and Masika, and Alexis’ back-and-forth with one of Offset’s girls – who she used to be friends with. A mess!
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Then Alexis vs. Takala over Offset:
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