October 3, 2017

Funk Flex Presents DJ Eclipse in #5MinutesOfFunk012 [VIDEO]

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Funk Flex Presents DJ Eclipse in #5MinutesOfFunk012 [VIDEO]

[Recorded At CIROC Studios]

Back in Action B!!! Today we’re showcasing DJ Eclipse…. I love this type of time, I feel like I get to be a b boy again, showing my true passion for hip hop, or rather the hip hop I fell in love with!! Everyone has the right to get the hip hop they want, and keeping a job in this current climate, where these youngsters are feeling themselves and anyone that doesn’t like their style be damned with them! Problem is I work in hip hop, and they are not my type, so I have to fall back and be quiet…. until these type of content pieces take place, DJ Eclipse goes back a ways and is involved with The true DJ circuit that goes back to the beginning! Let’s check out this set!!!