November 1, 2017

Funk Flex Presents Dj Riz in #5MinutesOfFunk013 [VIDEO]

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Funk Flex Presents Dj Riz in #5MinutesOfFunk013 [VIDEO]

Riz went into true classics to show how some of the greatest hip hop songs of all time were made through samples, which IS where Hip Hop started!! Blending the original songs with their hip hop counterparts, pure FIRE!!! Bruh, Rip doing this doesn’t make you want sampling back in hip hop?? You don’t hear how many straight Fire Beats could be out here???

Just for those commenting, yes Flig forgot it was Beatnuts, but of course he knew that song!! Now he didn’t know Piano man, but a lot of people don’t know that song, if you’ve have some heritage on the ‘other side’… not to be funny, but growing up in the hood, you don’t hear Billy Joel songs ringing out. I’d put Flex’s musical knowledge base up against most!!