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April 28, 2017

Hold Up! Carmelo Anthony & LaLa May Not Be Done....YET! [PHOTO]

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Hold Up! Carmelo Anthony & LaLa May Not Be Done....YET! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)
It looks like Carmelo and LaLa Anthony might not be over afterall.
The New York Knicks superstar is trying to get his woman back. According to reports, he’s been putting in work trying to find some kind agreement.
According to TMZ:
Melo’s been sending his estranged wife texts telling her he’s still in love and doesn’t want her to leave him. We’re told he’s apologized over and over, and is begging for another chance by asking her on dates or to go on vacation together.
Carmelo’s also been doing something he never used to do — liking her posts on social media. We’re told he insists La La’s the only woman for him and has no plans to be with anyone else … specifically not his alleged new baby mama.
LaLa has been in the public light by taking photos on Instagram in recent days.
Our sources say the 2 are still on friendly terms right now for their son — so the relationship isn’t toast yet — but the pregnancy claim and his yet-to-be-determined NBA future are a lot of drama to handle.
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