#HurtBae Takes Over The Internet: Woman CONFRONTS Cheating Ex-Boyfriend [VIDEO]

upset woman reading a note across from man
(Photo Credit: The Scene)

It is the most talked about video in the past couple days.

The Scene released a video on Valentine’s Day that put many people in their feelings in the hours after the day was over.

Dubbed #HurtBae, the video has sparked conversation and took over the internet as a broken up couple sat face-to-face to candidly speak on their relationship and the man’s reasoning to cheat on her repeatedly. Even after she stayed loyal and took him back time after time.

The woman named Kourtney Jorge, can be seen first smiling and then frowning as then crying as she opened up on her feelings and went back to a hurt time in her life. While her ex-boyfriend Leonard mostly stayed stoneface while admitting to his faults.

A fake twitter was allegedly opened up shortly after the video where the person asked for donation. The real her showed up on Instagram to speak on the video.

As for the ex-boyfriend, he hasn’t quite answered yet. Watch the entire video below. Warning it will be a bit painful to watch.